On December 6, 1987, I was born in Mashhad, a city in north east of Iran as the first child of the family.

In 2006, I took Iran's National University Entrance Exam and ranked 339th among 300,000 participants. Soon, I left my hometown to pursue my Bachelor's studies in the same field as my parents, Mechanical Engineering, at one of my country's most prestigious universities,  University of Tehran.

In 2011, I left Iran to follow my life-long dream of experiencing the world. I came to Vancouver, BC as a student and started my Master's studies at Simon Fraser University. In parallel I joined the SFU Fuel Cell Research Lab as a full-time Research Assistant for a series of back-to-back assignments with local industries that continued until mid 2015.

In 2015, I joined Neovasc, a specialty medical device company in Richmond, BC that develops, manufactures, and markets products for the cardiovascular marketplace, where I continued to work until and after I decided to start my journey towards Data Science in mid 2018.

In the meantime, in 2016, I proposed to Negar and we soon started our life together.


Two years later, in December of 2018 we travelled back to Iran after a long time and had one of our happiest trips with our wedding being at its center.

Finally, in March of 2019, and after 8 months of self-directed studies on Coursera and Udemy I left my full-time employment at Neovasc and joined BrainStation's diploma program in Data Science to pursue yet another dream of my life - seeing the world through the lens of data and logic.

Throughout my adult life, travelling has always been one of my biggest joys. I believe that seeing the world and its people, by itself, teaches you a lot about the art of life during our limited time on this planet. So whenever life gives me a chance I take my camera and go out to see our planet's different variates of beauty.


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