I have seen Arash take on the great endeavour of a career change and was thoroughly impressed at every step of his journey. He has taken his analytical skill-set from his engineering career and robustly transferred and applied them to complex and engaging data science problems. As a student, Arash has demonstrated his understanding and creative problem solving skills, and as a Teaching Assistant he has further demonstrated his professionalism, punctuality, and enthusiasm to both mentor, and learn.

I would like to conclude my reference by pointing out that Arash’s unique background allows him to combine his knowledge of Mechanical Engineering and statistics with his newly acquired skills of in-depth data analysis, model construction, and automation through programming. He has demonstrated a very strong ability to work independently, and balance multiple responsibilities during his time as a member of our team. Arash would undoubtedly be an invaluable asset and ideal candidate to any organization seeking to hire a Data Science specialist. 

Boris Shabash, PhD

Lead Educator, Data Science

BrainStation Vancouver

August 2019

Innovative, efficient and compassionate are three traits I would use to describe Arash. I had the pleasure of working with Arash for three years at Neovasc including one of those as his manager. He always had a solution and would efficiently work to implement it. Arash’s communication skills are supreme and has a way of making everything crystal clear to all involved. Arash’s contributions at Neovasc are continuing to make a huge impact both on the processes and the people he worked with.


He will be a star player in any role he takes on in the future and comes with my highest recommendation. 

Rory Moloney

Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Neovasc Medical Inc.

April 2019

Arash is a top notch engineer with a solid set of skills and experience to hit the ground running in a multitude of technical rolls. I’ve worked with Arash for the past 4 years at a start-up medical device company with extremely challenging and regulated industry. During this time working together I’ve seen Arash grow in his technical and communication skills within a diverse organization. Arash has an extensive in-depth understanding of regulations, quality controls, data analysis, communication tools, and the overall production of medical devices.


I would certainly recommend Arash with his solid work ethic and the attitude that there is always a solution. A great team player!

Aaron Chalekian

VP, Product Development & Manufacturing Engineering

Neovasc Medical Inc.

April 2019

I was very impressed with his motivation and scientific curiosity demonstrated at the interview stage and subsequently proven during his Master’s studies at SFU. His degree requirements were completed in 2014, with excellent standing on both coursework and research fronts.

Without a doubt, he has gained the respect and trust of our Ballard colleagues, where the impact of his research is expected to be significant and lasting beyond the scope of the present project. I am very pleased and impressed with Mr. Tavassoli’s scholarly accomplishments and research progress under my supervision at SFU. I therefore strongly and sincerely recommend him for any future endeavor he may choose to pursue, and I expect him to excel in both academic and industrial environments.

Erik Kjeang, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair in Fuel Cell Science and Technology Development

School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering, Simon Fraser University

October 2018

Especially noteworthy were his well-structured, organized approach, and his ability to work independently. He demonstrated that he possessed great interpersonal and communication skills by delivering effective presentations, and a very comprehensive literature review report.

Arash comes with our strongest recommendations.

Caroline Cloutier, PhD, P.Eng.

Application Development Engineer

Mercedes-Benz Canada, Fuel Cell Division

 February 2015

I found Mr. Tavassoli to be a good listener and took directions positively. He also reported and presented results in a very timely fashion. Mr. Tavassoli conducted himself in a very professional manner and as lead scientist tried some innovative ideas which had positive results.

Arash was a pleasure to work with.

Bruce W. Downing, P.Geo.

Chief Technology Officer


MagPowerSystems Inc.

April 2015

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